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telemedicine services? Overwhelmed by the frequently changing guidelines surrounding telemedicine? You’re not alone! The way we practice medicine has changed rapidly. Telemedicine has become the preferred way for many to seek advice from their health care provider. With the growing demand for telemedicine services, it is critical to make the telemedicine billing process seamless and increase cash flow to manage care.

Telemedicine billing and coding is becoming increasingly complex. Policies change regularly and are difficult to keep up to date. Providers need to be able to treat patients without the added stress of understanding the complexities surrounding reimbursement. Rest assured that your financial health will not be compromised by our team of billing experts.

Our Telemedicine Coding and Billing Strategies

Telemedicine billing services can often be intricate and encompass extensive paperwork. Therefore, understanding how to steer clear of prevalent errors is crucial. The following tips are designed to help your practice secure the complete reimbursement it rightfully deserves

  1. Verify Patient Eligibility Prior to the Appointment:Keep the telemedicine insurance verification form readily available. This form is typically mandated by insurance companies and can be obtained through their website. Its purpose is to confirm a patient’s eligibility for telemedicine services, thereby simplifying the claims process

  2. Get to know and understand each payer’s guidelines for telemedicine:At Amed Rcm, our telemedicine billing strategy encompasses a comprehensive approach tailored to different payer types, including Medicare, Medicaid, and commercial payers. We initiate direct contact with insurance carriers to ascertain coverage specifics and the inclusion of telehealth services within their plans. Our primary objective is to confirm that the required telehealth service aligns seamlessly with covered benefits, thereby preventing costly coding errors and ensuring strict compliance with documentation and patient eligibility criteria. This strategic approach, carefully implemented by our expert team, streamlines the telemedicine billing process, assuring accuracy, compliance, and optimal financial outcomes for your practice

  3. Understanding and Adhering to State Telemedicine Laws: We take a methodical approach to address the intricacies of telehealth reimbursement in different states. Our strategy involves a thorough analysis of state-specific policies to ensure a comprehensive understanding of the regulations in place

4. Remaining Current on Emerging Telemedicine Regulations: We proactively monitor evolving policies, recognizing that they can change at any time. We are attuned to the possibility that certain telehealth codes may no longer be covered post the Public Health Emergency Declaration. To ensure our clients stay well-informed and compliant, our approach includes recommending regular checks on the CCHP website for real-time updates on Medicaid telehealth policies tailored to their state.

5. Accurate Selection of Telehealth Billing Codes: In our telehealth billing process, Amed Rcm is meticulous about code selection to facilitate prompt reimbursement. With a plethora of codes available, it’s crucial to pinpoint the correct one to avoid any reimbursement delays. Currently, Medicare encompasses over 100 telehealth services [as of March 2020], but it’s important to note that the status of certain CPT and HCPCS codes may evolve. The most recent data from CMS reveals that specific telehealth services added to the Medicare telehealth services list during the COVID-19 public health emergency will remain effective until December 31, 2023. Amed RCM’s vigilant approach ensures that the right codes are applied for accurate billing and to maximize reimbursement.

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