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AMED RCM provides comprehensive services for the management of medical billing, from start to finish.

Gain hands-on exposure to comprehensive revenue cycle management (RCM) billing processes operating at a large scale. Enhance your expeditiousness in going live with integrated optimal standards that adjust in accordance to the expansion of your practice.

We offer full medical billing services to boost profitability and security. Our team ensures the integrity of your accounts and maximizes collections. Maximize revenue cycle efficiency with Updox all-in-one billing solution for front and back-office systems. Go from payments to physicians to enterprise dashboards for a complete view of claims data.We use current healthcare tech and skilled coders for revenue cycle management. Our team creates billable charges and submits error-checked claims electronically. The team scrubs all medical claims for high acceptance and minimal denials.

Benefits of Utilizing Our Revenue Cycle Management Services

  1. Cost-Effective Collection Management: The patient experience and the revenue cycle are intrinsically linked. By expediting patient eligibility checks, you can significantly reduce approval times, ultimately elevating your service quality and increasing patient satisfaction.


  1. Reduced Rejections and Denials: Effective management of rejections and denials is pivotal to preventing costly errors and safeguarding the health of your revenue cycle.


  1. Efficient Claim and Contract Management: Implementing a streamlined process for claim and contract management not only enhances your understanding of how claim payments impact your bottom line but also ensures consistency in handling high-profile claims, thereby safeguarding your hospital’s reputation.
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