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Here we have a more

experienced and competent team that always believes in maintaining a better consistent cash flow. At the same time, this system would allow providers to focus on promoting more effective patient care solutions.

Regardless of your patient’s cash flow and financial resources, you can easily meet with the AMED RCM professional team and share your specific needs with them.

Thanks to years of account management experience, our team is expert in achieving the most favourable collection time possible. 

Also, if you want to find out all kinds of past payments effortlessly, you should choose the best receivables management solution. Thus, all kinds of hospitals, doctors, nursing homes can look for the most effective solution to manage various old payments without typical problems.

You want to make a big impact on your company’s customer relationship, cash flows and working capital, you need to meet with our experts and get a profitable solution for all accounts? In general, accounts receivable management means the best way to pay for services and products that have already been delivered.

How does Amed Rcm distinguish itself from the competition in the medical billing industry?

Our team of skilled billing professionals possesses the knowledge and know-how required to provide superior and expedited accounts receivable management outcomes. Let’s delve into how we consistently deliver unmatched AR results for our valued client

  1. Exceptional AR Aging Reduction: Our primary objective is to achieve a remarkable reduction in aging for insurance accounts receivable. We are dedicated to reducing AR aging from over 90 days to an outstanding level below 10%.


  1. Comprehensive AR Follow-Up by Our Specialized Team: We take great pride in our proficient AR follow-up services, executed meticulously by our specialized AR team.


  1. Staffing Excellence for Aged A/R Prevention: Our commitment to you includes maintaining optimal staffing levels. This proactive approach prevents the buildup of aged accounts receivable, ensuring timely and consistent follow-up.


  1. Rigorous Quality Control Assessments: Upholding the highest service standards, we conduct regular quality control assessments of our collectors’ work. Any areas requiring improvement are promptly addressed.


  1. Swift Resolution of Underpayments and Denials: We proactively identify and resolve underpayments and full denials during payment posting, ensuring maximum reimbursement for your claims.
  1. Strategic Follow-Up Timeframes: Appropriate follow-up timeframes are meticulously established for each stage of addressing outstanding claims, optimizing collection efficiency.


  1. Collector Productivity Oversight: Rigorous measurement and regular discussions are implemented to assess both the quantity and quality of collector productivity, ensuring consistent performance.


  1. Focused Review of High-Value, High-Risk Accounts: High-dollar and high-risk accounts are given top priority. Our team conducts focused reviews and offers invaluable recommendations to enhance recovery.


  1. Comprehensive Tracking of Write-Offs and Approvals: We maintain detailed records of write-offs and approvals, promoting transparency and accountability in managing your accounts receivable.

Amed Rcm is dedicated to achieving excellence in Account Receivable Management. Our strategies are meticulously designed to not just meet but exceed your expectations, offering an exceptional level of service in medical billing. Trust us to optimize your AR outcomes, ensuring a robust financial foundation for your practice.

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